Tombi! – PlayStation – All Releases – Price and Value

Tombi! – PlayStationAll Releases – USA – PAL – JPN – Rental – Promo – Press Kit – Price Quotations and Value

Tomba! Discover the Current Quotation, Value and Prices of the Collectible PlayStation Video Game. Tomba! is a Platform Game Released by Whoopee Camp in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation Console.

Scopri la Quotazione, il Valore ed il Prezzo Attuale del Video Gioco da Collezione Per Console Sony PS One Tombi! Un Gioco Di Piattaforme Uscito nel 1997 Sviluppato da Whoopee Camp.

The Ratings of the Game can Always Swing, Both up and Down, A bit ‘as Happens on the Stock Exchange, There is Never a Fixed Price. The Estimate of the Game was Made Taking Into Consideration the Items Actually Sold on eBay and Matching all the Various Data that may be; the Conditions of the Game, the Language on the Covers, the Region to Which They Belong and Other Factors Such as the Print Run or the Refinement of The Game.
Tomba USA
Tomba! USA Release SCUS-94236

USA / United States

BRAND NEW – $280,00
COMPLETE – $102,00
LOOSE – $57,00

Tombi PAL
Tombi! PAL Release SCES-01331


BRAND NEW – €580,00
COMPLETE – €160,00
LOOSE – €74,00

Ore Tomba JPN
Ore! Tomba! JPN Release SLPS-01144

JP / Japan

BRAND NEW – $240,00
COMPLETE – $30,00
LOOSE – $13,00

Tomba USA Demo Disc
Tomba! Demo Disc USA Release

USA / United States

BRAND NEW – $30,00
COMPLETE – $14,00
LOOSE – $8,00

Tombi PAL Rental Disc Noleggio
Tombi! Rental Disc PAL Release


COMPLETE – €85,00
LOOSE – €30,00

Tombi PAL Promotional Disc Promo Press
Tombi! Promo Disc PAL Release


BRAND NEW – €140,00
USED – €90,00

Tombi Promotional Plush Promo Peluches
Tombi! + Koma Pig Promo Plush Figures


BRAND NEW – €???,00
USED – €500,00

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